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 1. Guitar Lesson - Getting Started
            It includes Guitar basics such as holding the guitar, detail of guitar body and holding the plectrum in the correct manner.
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2. Guitar Dictionary : Terms related to Guitars
              Part 1:In this tutorial, i have tried to compile most of the words that a guitarist should know,also  commonly known as guitar lingo.   
The guitar lingo is made up of weird-sounding words that are unique to the guitar world, and are most commonly used    
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            Part 2:The continuation of the above guitar dictionary
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3. Strumming Patterns : Some common strumming patterns 
      Here i have tried to list the famous strumming patterns that a guitarist should know.
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4. Basics of Guitar Strumming.
     This tutorial is for the beginners who face problems in strumming.
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5. Tips for Singing along Playing Guitar.
       These tutorials will surely help you improve your singing accompanied by guitar.

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